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About Cost Plus Dental

Cost Plus Dental was founded in 2011 by Dr. Benjamin S Foy.  During his 17 years as a practicing dentist, Dr. Foy has seen first hand the difficulties many patients, even those with the best dental insurance, have had with the cost of dental care.  After being unable to find an alternative to traditional insurance that he could recommend to his patients,  Dr. Foy designed the Cost Plus Dental model which revolutionized dental care and finally allowed the average patient to afford quality dental care.  

Cost Plus Dental began marketing the plan to employees of the Montgomery County Commission and the City of Montgomery  in June of 2012 and was awarded a contract with the Montgomery County Commission in November of 2012.  The facility began treating those patients in December of 2012.  Based on the overwhelming success of the plan with County Commission employees, as well as patient demand, the Cost Plus Dental model was offered to the general public in January of 2013.  

The Cost Plus Dental model is very simple.  Like Costco or Sam's Club, patients pay an annual membership fee.  Cost Plus Dental uses these membership fees to help offset the cost of care which allows members to have high quality care for extremely low cost.  In addition, care can be provided without the limits and restrictions associated with traditional dental benefits plans.
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