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On February 26, 2013 the City of Montgomery informed Cost Plus Dental that they intend to delay the opening of the Cost Plus Dental facility for a period of at least 12 months.  They understand the benefit Cost Plus Dental offers for employees, but are concerned that the plan will have the unintended result of increasing dental utilization as a whole, the cost of which the City simply cannot currently afford.  

In September of 2013, we will have provided services for the Montgomery County Commission for a period of 10 months and will meet with City officials and review this data.  If at that time they agree to proceed we will notify employees.

In the meantime, we strongly encourage City employees to look into a Cost Plus Dental Individual Membership.  The cost for an adult is $500 annually, which will be more that offset by using the $1000 BCBS Dental plan offered by the CIty.  Click on the Individual tab or call us today to see how it would work for you!

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Save You Money and Extend Your BCBS Benefits!
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          In the example above, by enrolling in CPD, the patient's total cost of care on    
           just two crowns and annual cleanings and exams goes down by $69 dollars and
             they still have $720 in BCBS benefits left instead of $0.  Imagine the savings if
the patient needs more treatment!

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