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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is Cost Plus Dental an Insurance Company?
No.  Cost Plus Dental is a membership based dental practice.   Just like members     of Costco and Sam's Club save money on household items, patients who elect to
join Cost Plus Dental save money on their dental needs.
2. Can I go to any dentist?
No.  In order to receive care at the low Cost Plus Dental Prices, members must go to the Cost Plus Dental facility near them.
3. Can I try the facility before enrolling?
Yes.  For those patients who wish to try the facility before enrolling we offer an Exam, Xrays, and Cleaning (general) for $150 (regularly $240).  This fee cannot be applied toward membership fee.
4. Can I join Cost Plus Dental and have treatment the same day?
Yes and No.  Cost Plus Dental memberships begin on the first day of the month following enrollment and payment of the membership fee.  If we receive your enrollment and membership fee on February 15th, you will be eligible for care on March 1st.  If we receive your enrollment and membership fee on March 1st, you will be eligible for care that same day.
5. Can I use Cost Plus Dental without joining?
Yes.  Patients who wish to use the Cost Plus Dental facility but do not wish to enroll may use the facility but will not receive care at the low prices a member would receive.
6. Can I use dental insurance at Cost Plus Dental?
Yes. Members who have dental insurance may use their benefits to further reduce their out of pocket expense.  However, in order to keep fees as low as possible, Cost Plus Dental does not file insurance claims.  We will help patients file their own claim.
7. Do I have to pay the membership fee up front or can I make monthly payments?
The membership fee is due prior to treatment being rendered.  Due to the way the plan is structure we simply cannot take partial payments of any kind.
8. Can I make payments on the cost of my treatment?
No.  The Cost Plus Dental model requires that patients pay for their entire treatment at the time of service.  However, due to the lower cost of care this is not an issue in most cases.  In addition, we offer several different financing options for those who wish to pay over time.
9. Will I be able to get an appointment whenever I want? 
We offer appointments at times similar to other dental facilities in the area.  However, due to the unique nature of this practice and the overwhelming demand initially, appointments will be offered in the order in which patients enroll. For that reason we encourage you to sign up soon.  However, enrollment at each facility will be limited to ensure patients are able to get an appointment in a timely fashion.
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