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The annual membership fee for anyone over 12 years old is $500.  The annual membership for anyone under 12 years old is $400. In order to keep our prices extremely low, there not a "family" plan like with traditional dental plans.  However, we do offer a $50 discount for each additional adult on in the same immediate family.
Memberships begin on the first of day of the month following enrollment and the membership fee must be paid in full prior to receiving treatment.  Patients who would like to visit the facility prior to joining may receive a Comprehensive Exam, Panoramic X-ray, and 4 Bitewings X-rays for $150 ($204 dollar value).**

These are some of the most common procedures performed in our office.  Listed is the Cost Plus Dental Price, the typical fee charged in area dental offices, and what a patient with standard BCBS dental coverage would pay out of pocket for that procedure in standard dental offices.
                                     Cost Plus   Typical Dental Office Fees     BCBS Patient Pays
Porcelain Crown           $250                            $900                                   $336
Build-Up                          $30                             $205                                     $62
3 Surface Back Filling   $30                             $226                                   $61.8
Porcelain Veneer  $200                            $900                                   $900
Extraction                        $10                              $140            $17
In Office Bleaching        $100       $550                                   $550
3 Unit Bridge                   $810                          $2940                                 $1150

Currently individual Memberships require a 3 year commitment but can be paid year to year.  We are working diligently to be able to take monthly payments and should be able to by the summer of 2017.

Failure to keep scheduled appointments or last minute cancellations seriously affects our ability to appropriately staff the facility and to ultimately keep fees low.  For that reason, if you must change an appointment please give us at least 48 hours notice. 
Click below for the fees on our most common procedures.
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