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Cost Plus Dental LLC is the innovative new  way for  individuals and members of a self insured group to access high quality low cost dental care.  For over 60 years consumers have been forced to deal with dental benefits plans which use limits and restrictions to shift the majority of the cost of dental care to the patient. Unfortunately with the economy how it is, many patients, even those  with dental insurance, can no longer afford the large out of pocket expenses associated with even basic care.

Now patients have a better choice.  Once enrolled, patients can utilize the Cost Plus Facility in their area to receive unlimited general dental care without the limits and restrictions associated with traditional dental plans and without sacrificing quality. Cleanings, exams, and x-rays are free, while all other procedures, including elective cosmetic procedures, such as bleaching, sedation and even orthodontics, are at simple, clearly marked low prices. There is also no annual deductible, and no annual limit.  

The Cost Plus Dental model also has the additional benefit of instilling a level of trust between provider and patient.  Under traditional dental plans,  insurance companies make more profit by denying claims and dentists make more profits as patients do more treatment. Under the Cost Plus Dental model, there is no insurance company involved and our dentists are paid a salary which removes the incentive to over treat or under treat.  

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